Netdork Inc.

Services for the real world


Netdork Inc offers a range of hosting options, from a basic free webhosting service, to customised options based on your needs and requirements. Each services backed up with excellent support.


As well as offering custom hosting services, Netdork Inc can provide you with a software solution to meet your needs. Our software developers will work with you from start to finish on your needs, and build a taylored system to match what you require, on your budget, in your time scale.


Along with Netdork Inc's custom software and hosting solutions, we also offer custom database design and development based on your needs, fitting your infrastucture.

SquirrelMail Commercial Support

Adding to our range of services, and expanding our knowledge, we've introduced commercial support for the ever popular, Open Source webmail application "SquirrelMail". Along with support, we also include custom plugins, installation, and training. To ensure you're getting the best services, we have Jonathan Angliss working on support and installation. Jonathan is one of the lead developers for the stable branch of SquirrelMail.